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A comfortable, easy-to-use pressure cleaner.

Ideal for use on medium sized ares, Stiga's HPS 345 R is a cold water high pressure cleaner with a maximum pressure of 145 bar.

Effortlessly tackles medium duty work

As well as its maximum pressure of 145 bar, the HPS 345 R also boasts a maximum rated flow of 450 l/h, which makes it a good choice for cleaning everyday surfaces like patios, terraces, driveways and paths, as well as objects and machinery, such as cars, bikes and mowers.

This model has an aluminium head pump and stainless steel pistons for increased durability.

A great pressure washer to work with

With a light weight, stable build and large transport wheels (175 mm diameter), this model is simple to control and comfortable to operate. The high pressure hose itself is in fact eight metres long, which gives you superb reach and saves you from moving the machine unnecessarily to access difficult-to-reach areas.